Welcome Back

Hello, and welcome back to Interwebbies, new version 2.0.

For a long time I have been sitting on this site trying to determine exactly what direction it needed to go. It initially started out as a place for the people I work with to hang out and then became a test bed for code. Eventually it became a place for a few people to hang out and play games or battle. But the core of the site never found a place.

Since things needed changed and updated, this downtime seemed like the best time to do it. I will be using the site to post news, interesting things around the net, and general rants about things. At times things may be considered rated R so please consider this your warning. It’s not meant to scare anyone away but just a warning that sometimes we all have to vent.

Now, for the members returning who come to play in the arcade and do battle. I am putting those features back as well. Please give me a couple days to get things setup. I have a dump of the database so once you are signed up again just let me know who you were on the old site and I will get your stats back and put you back where you were along with re-adding your bot. Registration is not yet turned on so give me a couple days. Your patience is appreciated as we go through this transition.

I have one other site that is still down and I am waiting on the registrar to get back to me to get it back up. Its for a business so is currently top priority.

Thanks everyone!